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Even Dwarfs Started Small

Werner Herzog's second film can only be summed up by the genre of "Dwarf Mayhem". An all-dwarf cast, the action takes place in an asylum during a riot. Cars go around in circles, chickens peck each other to death, pigs are killed and dragged, monkeys are crucified (with rope and the monkey wasn't in pain) and basically a grand old time is had by all. Kinda. Well, at least by the one who giggles sinisterly through the entire film.

It's a pretty divisive film; some people think Herzog was exploiting the dwarfs (though he felt very strongly for them; in one scene one of the actors got hurt, and he felt so bad that he made a deal with them that in return, he would jump from a cliff into a cactus patch), others just find it disturbing and unpleasant, while others really enjoy it. (I am in the latter camp.)

Another famous fan of this film is Crispin Glover who appears on the commentary track of the DVD talking with Werner Herzog about the making of the film; he asks some great questions, but does tend to go into a little bit of star-struck mode, which just goes to show how cool this movie is, I suppose. He also talks about his film that he's only recently finished, What Is It, which I am dying to see. He says that this film was a huge influence on it.

Anyway, it's a must-see, though maybe not for the faint of heart. But it's really good!