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Ex-Scientology Kids

This site may be the best thing to happen to Scientologists and former Scientologists since the foundation of Operation Clambake. This discussion forum for former members of Scientology is especially notable because of the people who founded it: Jenna Miscavige (niece of David Miscavige, head of the Religious Technology Center and the de facto ruler of the entire Church of Scientology), Kendra Wiseman (daughter of Bruce Wiseman, the head of Scientology's anti-psychiatry group the Citizens Commission on Human Rights), and Astra Woodcraft, who left the Sea Org (Scientology's elite "military" organization) after refusing to have an abortion, which was a requirement for her to remain on Staff there. These persons were all deeply connected to the highest echelons of Scientology…and their families in Scientology have been ordered to disconnect from them because they are now "suppressive persons."

The weight that these ladies carry as former Scientologists is likely to attract a large number of former members to their site – not to mention a few current members as well. People who leave Scientology are often depressed because they feel alone, and they're not sure who to trust; but seeing that high-ranking and familiar names have also "blown" from the Church may make them more likely to drop by and say something. And this is probably the most important first step towards returning to society from Scientology – being able to say something about yourself, knowing that your words aren't being recorded and stored in a PC ("pre-clear") folder.

Most importantly, the discussion boards here encourage people to remain anonymous, so as to protect both themselves and their families from retaliation by Scientology. The emphasis here is on families – especially family members who have friends or family who are Scientologists, but who have been ordered to disconnect.

All of this means that this site is likely to become a very active gather site for former Scientologists. That, of course, is the last thing in the world that the Church of Scientology wants to see.

Although the Ex-Scientology Kids site was only founded in February of 2008, it has already received a lot of notice from Scientology's opponents…not to mention media coverage in major newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times.

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