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Executive Intelligence Review

Of course, we can't talk about politics without looking at its darker side (as if there was ever a bright side to politics). One of the most stubborn, obstinate, and downright stupid conspiracy theorists is good ol' Lyndon Larouche, the eternal Presidential candidate who was sent to jail for credit card fraud. Of course, his followers will never admit that: they insist he was imprisoned because the Government was "afraid" of him for some reason. Actually, there is something to be afraid about where Larouche is concerned: the fanaticism of his followers treads on the borders of obsession, and many of these people have willingly lied, cheated, and stolen for their "cause." The conspiracy theories spouted by the Larouchites make for some interesting reading…as long as you take then with a BIG grain of salt.

Larouche's wild theories seem especially strange to the typical Pink boy because they don't realize his thinking and his sympathies are stuck in the past – way, way in the past. Larouche wants to use 17th and 18th century political ideas to solve 21st century problems, and he is likely to use a peace agreement between England and Vietnam from the year 1643 as an example of what needs to be done to solve a current political crisis (even one that exists only in his own mind) today.

The underlying theme used as the basis for nearly all of Larouche's actions stems from the conspiracy theory he has embraced for most of his political career: the idea that the Royal monarchy still rules the world-spanning British Empire, and that we are all still slaves to England. The difference is that instead of overtly ruling the member nations of its empire, the British monarchy secretly controls the world's governments from behind the scenes. In Larouche's eyes, the key event that led to the birth of the vast British cartel that controls everything took place in the year 1711. This was the time of the insidious conspiracy by Isaac Newton and the Royal Society to undermine the workings of Gottfried Leibniz and his development of calculus. Everything in modern politics stems from this event, even to the point where an issue of Executive Intelligence Review rarely passes without a mention of Leibniz.

(Are you confused by this? Look up the Wikipedia entries for Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton for a more thorough explanation of this, or read Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle historical novels.)

According to Larouche, all of the worst United States Presidents of the 20th and 21st centuries have been pawns of London – and not the other way around, as the insidious British-controlled media tell you. Larouche respects Franklin Roosevelt highly, but don't mention Harry Truman in his presence – because, you see, Truman was actually a tool and pawn of London! (Likewise, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have actually been following London's agenda to wage a fake "War On Terror" especially to take away your freedoms and keep you under the yoke of England.)

2009 update: When Larouche examined the candidates in the 2008 election, he concluded that George W. Bush and Barack Obama were both tools of London, so he threw his considerable political clout (ahem) behind Hilary Clinton. But of course the ruling cabal won, and the reins of power from London were merely transferred from Bush to Obama. Therefore, in Larouche's eyes, Obama is Hitler. This explains why Larouche supporters have taken part in the "tea party" political protests against the Obama administration, holding signs proclaiming Obama to be the new Hitler…even though Larouche and his supporters have run their political campaigns under the Democratic Party. (The Democratic Party, however, soundly rejects Larouche and kicks his followers out on a regular basis.)

In recent years, the Larouche Youth Movement has been making a push to re-establish Larouche's name and ideas on college campuses…and they've had a number of successes.

Several Web sites offering critical information on Larouche and his organization can be found here:

These sites are keeping close watch on a lawsuit filed against the Larouche organization by the widow of Ken Kronberg, who blames Larouche for her husband's suicide.

Reverend Hexbodhi provides a first-hand account of working for Larouche's organization:

There are some people who believe they are doing society a favor and then it seems there are people they are only concerned with doing themselves a favor.

Basically here is the scam in a nutshell: they tell the kids "Only you can save the world." It sounds like Smoky Bear bullshit – "Only we have the power to do so" as if there aren't other anti-globalist movements out there. "Only we know" as if they were the first to uncover the world financial oligarchy…"We have the best tools." They drill Beethoven in your head 7 in the morning and stomp around the city while they bum for cigarettes and eat bagels and their stomach grumbles.

As for the starving part, that is mostly true as there is kind of a layer to the way the youth is composed. Granted there are people from all walks of life, class, and ethnicity that doesn't seem to be the problem with them, but it still has a feel of segregation when you realize that they reward the kids who are good ass kissers…often the ones who are encouraged to call up elderly people (the boomers do that for them) and kids who are in college, to get them to drop out or invade their campus; or kids who are most likely from a bleaker area of a city (to prey upon their vulnerability).

They have a pseudo cadre of intellectual work, but really what it represents is a pack mentality (think wolves) the younger ones who are often younger than 21 fall prey to this psychic vampirism and half of the time they give in to this "rigorous" lifestyle.

Actually I could go on forever about what I know about the organization. I could sum up that Larouche politics are neither here nor there (he is not as extreme ultra-fascist as some people would believe, then again neither are his ideas original anymore and I really don't see a benefit with him fooling these kids.

I hear about people who have gone into debt because of the obligations they could not keep while they stay there.

I have lost some friends to the youth movement, but there are some of us who left who see it for what it is.

They just suck and their effects work on people who are vulnerable. It is virtually impossible to have a serious conversation with any of the hardcore groupies without having to refer to their Larouche model. Even bringing up new scientific discoveries have to be scrutinized before it meets their approval which is a very bureaucratic and stifling process for a youthful mind.

My advice to people who are intrigued by them is be with them a couple of months, and I am pretty sure you will find everything you need to know about them and the curiosity will wane.

"Oh, but wait – we have multi-dimensional platonic geometry!" Tell them, "hey, asshole, I can get a book, you know."

I wouldn't advise someone under 21 joining the group either…they are assholes.

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