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Faith Freedom

A number of anti-Islam sites are run by Christians who hate Islam because it's not Christianity: to them, Islam is a pagan religion that threatens Christianity. But Faith Freedom is an anti-Islam site run from a different point of view. Its founder and contributors are former Muslims who've left Islam and are working to expose what they see as " the rise of the Islamic threat." In this respect, this site bashes Islam as mercilessly as anti-Christian sites bash Christianity – and since the people here are ex-Muslims, they have a lot more knowledge of Islam's working than many Christian scholars. As with many hate sites, Faith Freedom puts an emphasis on everything that is wrong with Islam, told from an admittedly biased point of view.

The maintainer of this site is an atheist who declares himself to be without any religion. He even has a standing offer of $50,000 to anyone who can disprove his claims against Muhammad. Of course, since Muhammad has been dead for 1,200 years, it's not likely that he's going to have to pay the reward at any time soon. (He's racked up an impressive amount of hate mail, however.)