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Federation of Damanhur

The Federation of Damanhur is a "spiritual" commune founded by Oberto Airaudi, aka "Falco". The Federation is primarily known for its secret construction for around 30 years of an underground temple, called the Temples of Humankind. They are basically a UFO cult, but much more bizzare.

They do research into (just to name a few) time travel, a type of "medicine" called pranatherapy, a bunch of wires circled around glass balls called "spheroselfs" and also have "singing plants".
They believe that work is a way of life and the members of this commune work all day, every day, even in their dreams they work.

It's hard to understand how or why Damanhurians are at it EVERY day, ALL day, even in their dreams. Ask any Damanhurian why and they respond with an "I love my life" smile.(Damanhur e-guide, pg. 9)

The above quote not only sums up how they are almost the exact opposite of many Subgenius, but also how they answer most questions.

Below was obtained from (Don't blink! It will most likely be removed in about 20 minutes.)

What exactly do Damanhurians believe?

1. That Oberto Airaudi (Falco) is the reincarnation of the Damanhurian triadic god HORUS, Ramses II and Cagliostro.

2. That the Earth’s divine forces are now all under control as a result of Damanhur’s Triad Project, a theurgic magic operation conducted by Damanhurians for 27 years to unite the divinities worshipped throughout human history into one single force known as ‘Horus’ which is represented by the symbol of the falcon.

3.That as an Initiate of Horus they represent the lives of millions of people on this planet.

4. That as Damanhurians they are going to save the world.

5. That Damanhurians are like corks floating in the sea of time who have been brought together in Damanhur for a special mission to repair the fabric of time.

6. That they have had past lives in Atlantis and now live parallel incarnations in a pre-Atlantean civilization that Falco himself has created and nurtured by traveling in time.

7. That Falco originates from 600 years in the future and is here on a special mission with the authority of the Galactic Council to create a new time line and save the planet from inevitable disaster.

8. That Falco is a Time Lord and a spiritual Envoy and received his instruction as a boy from a series of magic books left by a stranger who called at his house and that the words on the pages of the books magically disappeared as soon as he had read them.

9. That the stranger who brought the books was Falco himself traveling back from the future to pass the ‘Knowledge’ on to himself as a young boy.
10. That Falco can read minds and de-materialize whenever he pleases.

11. That Falco is in constant communication with alien intelligences, some of whom he has made contracts with and who have negotiated with him to take vacations in the bodies of Damanhurians.

12. That the ‘Enemy’ is an anti-life principle found in human beings which can never be defeated only kept under control and that it is also an external force which tries to destroy humankind and its attempts to evolve.

13. That the ‘Enemy’ is like a virus which can infect Damanhurians and make them disillusioned with Damanhur and that citizens who have left the community have been ‘taken’ by the ‘Enemy’ and must not be acknowledged or talked to for fear of infection.

14. That if they leave Damanhur they will lose their soul and be eternally lost in time.

15. That by sending mental messages via alchemical glass spheres linked to the Synchronic Lines they can personally influence political events on the planet (for example their intervention brought down the Berlin Wall and resolved the Gulf War.

16. That on the old time-line (Falco has constructed a new one by creating Damanhur and reawakening the divine forces of Horus, Pan and Bastet) many Damanhurians are actually dead because on the old line there was a third world war and a nuclear holocaust. The new time-line created by Damanhur has saved humanity from this fate.

17. That ‘A’ level citizens, by means of passages in the selfic cabins are being genetically modified into a new super race that will be able to cross dimensions.

18. That Capo Monaca (Head of the Monks), one of Falco’s closest female companions conceived their daughter as a result of a passage in a selfic cabin.

19. That passages in the selfic cabins can make internal organs younger, stave off the aging process and cure cancer.

20. That when they die Damanhurians will go to the Paradise of the Initiate and join all the other initiates who have passed over. There they will be able to continue their climb up the esoteric ladder and achieve a higher grade in the School of Meditation.

21. That after receiving the correct ritual formulas and instruction from Falco they can evoke demons and the forces of the underworld.

22. That the priestesses of the Way of the Oracle have the power to see Damanhurians’ past lives.

23. That being an Initiate of the Damanhur School of Meditation makes you part of a spiritual elite and endows you with special powers to purify food, objects and places, command the elements, the weather, demons, nature spirits and events.

24. That it is essential to take prana therapy sessions to stay healthy.

25. That if Enemy forces gather to attack Damanhur, Falco will take Damanhurians to a parallel dimension using the spaceship-Temple where they will re-build Damanhur.

26. That Falco’s selfic paintings host alien intelligences that work for you according to the title on the back.

27. That the rest of the world does not understand Damanhur and never will because to understand it you need to be a Damanhurian Initiate.

28. That they travel in time while they are asleep but do not remember the experience because it is Falco’s way of protecting their mental equilibrium.

29. That Falco and the painter Dovilio Brero traveled in time and visited Atlantis.

30. That the original research on the Synchronic Lines was conducted by Falco.

31. That Falco every now and again invokes Enkidu, an alien intelligence that materializes in the form of a huge Gorilla and that you must avoid looking into his eyes for fear that he will become violent.

32. That Selfica is a means for border intelligences to enter our dimension and work on our behalf.

33. That it is essential to own a personal Self made by Falco in order to be a real Damanhurian (minimum cost 5,000 euro + yearly updates).

34. That Falco needs to be enormously wealthy because one day he may have to use that money to rebuild Damanhur somewhere else.

35. That Falco has their interests at heart.

36. That Falco needs a helicopter to magically protect Damanhurian territories.

37. That Falco travels at weekends in his luxury camper accompanied by young female citizens because he needs their help with his esoteric research.

38. That Falco needs personal bodyguards to defend him against the ‘Enemy’.

39. That Falco never makes mistakes and must be obeyed without question.

40. That Damanhur is not a cult and not a religion and all the above is true.

Based upon a file posted in the yahoo group Damanhurusa-reloaded in October 2007 (now deleted) and updated by Damanhur inside out.