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A lost Chris Morris project. Apparently it was done for a satellite station, and no known copies exist. The archives of it have been wiped, so the only extant copies are anything potentially taped off TV by viewers… none of which have surfaced. Rumors say that parts of it were incorporated into The Day Today before the masters were wiped, but this is also unknown for sure. According to Cook'd & Bomb'd, the show was a vox populi parody where Chris Morris would ask folks about random and made up problems. He would do this on his radio show as well – examples from that are "Wide Face Problem", asking folks about people who have faces that are 2 feet wide, and whether or not their entire head is 2 feet wide, or if it tapers, among other things. It'd be interesting to see, but I'm doubting they'll surface. A handful of these bits show up in The Day Today, but not very often. The only one I really remember is asking a man about "The Day-To-Day", which was obviously shot for The Day Today, because it wouldn't make any sense for him to trick someone into talking about the title of a show that hadn't been created yet.