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Five Minutes to Live

An awesome B-movie starring Johnny Cash and Ron "Opie" Howard. It's similar to the Coen Brothers plot; in a blackmail attempt, a husband has a drifter (Johnny Cash) come in and hold his wife hostage to use the ransom as an excuse to embezzle money from the Bank, with which, the husband would marry his mistress and go off to Rio. Of course, things go awry – otherwise, there probably wouldn't be much of a movie.

Johnny Cash is by far the best actor in one of his first film roles, even though he doesn't really do a whole lot other than act menacing and play a song or two. I think this film has fallen into the Public Domain as there are a few different DVD issues of it, all of which are dirt cheap. It's a fun one – not particularly good, but it's got some potential (the ending is a bit lame, and the acting is pretty hilariously awful) and it's worth seeing, particularly for a Cash Fan.

(Not to be confused with 5 Minutes To Live, the bootleg house)