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If you enjoy looking at the weird and unusual, you could easily be tempted to consider the folks on the fringe to be a bunch of entertaining, harmless, and often friendly kooks…and sometimes, this is true. People have the right to believe anything they want to believe, so long as they cause no harm to others. But some of those dupes are far from harmless, and they enjoy nothing better than separating innocent people from their money, using pseudo-science and nonsense as a shield to keep from brought to much-deserved justice. So-called "psychics" rip unsuspecting people out of huge sums of money, and in some cases lives have been lost because terminally ill people have shelled out thousands of dollars to phony "healers" who do nothing but perform a few parlor tricks. James Randi exposed many of the most notorious pseudo-scientific and "psychic" rip-off outfits with this book, and it's still a must-read. Randi has followed up his work with a number of equally noteworthy books, such as The Faith Healers, The Mask of Nostradamus and his Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural. His works will certainly open your eyes and warn you (once again) that blind faith is dangerous.