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Fortean Times

If there's one person who is owed a debt of gratitude by every crackpotologist, paranormal researcher, and skeptic, it's the late Charles Fort – as if you didn't know already. The field of strange and bizarre research has existed since the days of the Royal Society of London…but Fort's major contribution to the field was a sense of humor about it! There's a lot of strange phenomena taking place that we really don't have a satisfactory explanation for. New Agers say they've got an answer for it; skeptics poo-poo the New Agers and acknowledge that we don't have an answer. But Forteana is the burgeoning field of cataloguing these strange and mysterious events, and treating it with an open-minded sense of fun about it. I mean, can we really be completely serious about the oft-mentioned plagues of frogs, magnetic anomalies, UFOs, bizarre animal species? It's better to take it in stride and have fun with it all. This is why the Fortean Times is a must-read for anyone who wants to get into the field of kookery – it's a breath of fresh air from the sincere earnestness of the "psychics" and the angry attacks of the skeptics.