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Found Footage Festival

The FFF is a touring film festival where they show strange VHS tapes that folks have brought in to them – stuff taped from Public Access, wacky religious programming, corporate training tapes (like the one from Wendy's where it's a rap! About how to cook a hamburger! Or a creepy one about being a McDonald's Janitor!) and the occasional home video footage. I've corresponded through email with them after meeting them after a show (and having along with one of my best friends a couple tapes full of Joy Junction episodes!), and they're really cool guys. They've mentioned that in New York, they found a bit of Video Footage of Lil Markie, and they'll be having the first ever Lil Markie-con! (A clip is hosted at the WFMU blog, along with the complete Otis F. Odder-compiled best-of!) They've also got a DVD for sale, so check that out. Lots of cool, hilarious stuff.