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Freak Show

Rev. Syung Myung Me: Another really essential album; this one takes place in a freak show (oddly enough) and all the songs are about the various Freaks; there's "Harry the Head", a head in formaldehyde, "Benny The Bouncing Bump", a man with a large growth in the middle of his chest; "Herman the Human Mole", an albino with poor eyesight who lives in a trailer covered in dirt, and "Lillie", the freak who freaks the freaks out – and is in the audience. This spawned an award winning CD-Rom game and a really awesome graphic novel omnibus. This is one of my favorite Residents albums as well; the songs are well developed and some of the lyrics are just beautiful. This album contains my favorite Residents lyric of all time:

 "We are only equal in the grave and in the dark,"
 Said a man whose head was halfway eaten by a shark.
 "Now if you ask me why I would continue on like this,
 I doubt that I would know so I could only make a guess:
 Half a mouth may not be much but it's still half a kiss."