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Frederick Lenz

"Frederick Lenz created the greatest way to get laid that I've ever seen. First you study a little Zen. Then you start holding seminars claiming to offer spiritual enlightenment to your followers. Then you start telling female followers that having sex with a zen master will allow them to experience higher states of consciousness. WHAT A CONCEPT! You have to admire cult gurus who find easy access to people's heads (and bodies) with a clever line of bullshit like that. Heck, if I had no principles, I'd probably do it! Rama, as Lenz likes to be called, is also a new age musician -- but get this: He doesn't play any instruments, compose, mix, or do anything to make any of his own music. No, he outsources his musicians, and pays them for the use of their music in his albums, then calls himself the creator of the music. He also has a computer company that doesn't produce hardware, software, or even sell computers. Apparently, he gets his followers to be employees, then they pay part of their salaries back to his organization. What a cool racket! Get a bunch of people to follow you and do whatever you want, and you get guaranteed income! Oh, yeah -- be sure to check out the anti-Rama site called Rama Lama Ding Dong, where all the dirt on him is dug up and presented for your entertainment!" -- Psycho Dave