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Free Radio Network

The 20th Century gave birth to the broadcasting industry, where ideas, opinions, and commercial promotions have been broadcast to the world for close to a century. Radio and television have proven to be the most effective mass medium in existence (one day, the Internet may break their stronghold, but not yet)…and because the power of broadcast is so great, the Powers That Be captured control of it long ago. Ownership of the airwaves is supposed to belong to the public…but the FCC and other government agencies are working ceaselessly to ensure that the only ones who have the "right" to broadcast are powerful, rich corporations. Current FCC regulations now require an investment of over $60,000 if you want to build and operate your own "legal" broadcasting station, despite the fact that the equipment for low-power, harmless can be built easily with parts acquired from your local electronics hobby shop. Corporate ownership of the airwaves leads, of course, to corporate censorship of the airwaves. The result? We see nothing but the message of the Conspiracy: CONSUME! BUY! DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELVES! But information cannot be controlled, and an underground movement of pirate broadcasters exists and flourishes…even as the Conspiracy continually tries to crush them. Most of the activity in the world of pirate broadcasting is centered on pirate radio; there hasn't been much in the development of pirate television. Yet. (One of the best manifestoes on the encouragement of public access TV can be found at Paper Tiger TV.)