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Free Web Hosting

I pay $25 a month for my Web host, and so far it's served me just fine: it's reliable, it handles large bandwidth loads and heavy traffic (though this Web site is far from the busiest site on the Internet), and I've never received any notices or warnings from my web host because of "controversial" content – or because of complaints by kooks and people who might be offended by the content here.

If you want to host your Web site and you want to pay as little as possible to do so, you can go to a number of Web hosting services out there who'll let you set up a Web page for free. There's a catch, of course: nearly all of these sites will shut you down if you post anything that might be considered "pornographic" – or even "controversial" in a few cases. Furthermore, most of them are inundated with ads and pop-ups, so that any visitors there will have to wade through a flood of flashy graphics for "the latest generation of IM smileys" (which will load spyware onto your PC) before they actually find your Web page itself.

Nonetheless, it is possible to get around some of these restrictions if you're tricky. The best part about "free" web hosting services is that they can be used to make large files available for download, so that they won't sap bandwidth from other places. is a site that offers "reviews" of many of these free-web service sites. However, their "reviews" are always glowingly positive and they ignore any drawbacks that these sites offer – which of the free web hosts use spam to promote their services, their restrictions on "controversial" material, and any other problems you may run into if you use them. But at least they'll give you suggestions on where you can temporarily make your files available for downloading.

Also, if you sign up for a free account at Wikipedia, you get your own "user page" – which you can use to host your own commentary, free of ads. Of course, your user page must actually be related to Wikipedia in some fashion; but they give you a lot of leeway in that.