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Frequently Asked Questions

Cast Iron Cooking: a Facebook group

People have been cooking in cast iron for thousands of years. Because of this, you can't expect to find all of the answers on one Facebook group! :) These are some of the questions that appear on the Cast Iron Cooking group every day. You're free to ask these questions on the group, but before you do so, you might find a pointer here to the answer you are looking for. Even so, we encourage you to speak up and don't be afraid of posting to our Facebook group. We have thousands of members, and many of the friendly folks there are more than happy to answer your questions. All we ask for in return is friendly conversation, and of course pictures of the tasty dishes you cook in your cast iron pots and pans.

The Cast Iron Cooking Facebook group

Where are the files and recipes?

The files section can be found here:

How can I search the group?

A search function for the Facebook group can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen. Underneath the logo picture, on the right, is an icon of a magnifying glass. Click on this, and you can enter in any word or phrase to search for.

Cooking in Cast Iron

How do I keep food from sticking in cast iron?

A well-seasoned cast iron pan is nearly as non-stick as the fanciest so-called "non-stick" cookware seen on TV infomercials. What's more, unlike those cheap and flimsy pans, cast iron lasts forever. There is a secret to cooking non-stick in cast iron…but the folks here are more than happy to share the secrets of non-stick cast iron cooking with you!

How can I wash my cast iron pans when I’m finished cooking?

Here comes the eternal argument over whether or not to use soap when cleaning cast iron. Many folks say no, but a number of people say yes.

Taking Care of Cast Iron

Collecting Cast Iron

Collectors of vintage and antique cast iron pans range from antique "collectors" who are more interested in the make, model, rarity, and condition of a vintage pan; to actual users who use older cast iron pans because they find them to be wonderful instruments for cooking. Without a doubt, the best group of cast iron collectors in existence is the Wagner and Griswold Society (WAGS), and we're glad to plug their Web site at:

How can I tell who made this old cast iron pan?

Every cast iron pan has marks that provide clues as to where it came from and when it was forged: the size fo the pan, shape of the handle, logo on the bottom (or lack of a logo), heat ring, gate mark, and other insignia placed there by the maker of the pan. Sometimes these marks are intentional, and sometimes they are not. A lot of the fun of collecting vintage cast iron comes from the mystery, the Sherlock Holmes-ian way of fitting together the clues until the pieces fit and provide a match.

What’s the difference between “modern” cast iron and “vintage” cast iron?

What’s the difference between “foreign” cast iron and “local” cast iron?

Buying Cast Iron

Here, we provide links to several dealers and manufacturers of cast iron cookware. We are NOT required to provide a link to every Web site in existence that sells cast iron. Rather, this section is here to provide links to the most useful sites for purchasing cast iron cookware, especially ones that are reliable and within your budget.