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From Dusk till Dawn

I've meant to add this to the list but always kept forgetting till I bought my own copy on DVD.

"From Dusk till Dawn" is the first (and probably the last, not counting the crappy sequel) vampire flick Robert Rodrigues ever made and at first, you don't know where it's going to go because the first half of the movie has nothing at all to do with vampires. Surprisingly, that makes it an even better movie!

Written by Quentin Tarrantino, it starts out like an anti-heroic heist film with a couple of bad-ass robber brothers played by Quentin Tarrantino and George Clooney (btw, this happens to be Clooney's first movie since he played a transvestite in a 1993 movie called The Harvest). After killing some rednecks and hijacking a fallen-out preacher's Winnebago and kids, they run away to Mexico, where they meet the three faces of Cheech Marin and every buddy of Rodrigues.

The best shit is the titty bar known as "The Titty Twister", Cheech Marin's carnie barking ramble about pussy is a classic gem by itself. But I swear to Marilyn Monroe's cunt, nothing in this movie is hotter than watching Selma Hayek belly-dance with an albino boa constictor wrapped around her body, well except for maybe when she pours beer down her leg into Quentin's mouth then licks it off her own leg.

Favorite Quote:

Cheech Marin (as a Mexican Mob Boss): "What? Were they psychos or something?"

Clooney: "Did they look like psychos? Is that what you think they were? THEY WERE VAMPIRES! Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them! I don't give a fuck how crazy they are!"