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Fury Dolls

I'm surprised it took someone this long to come up with this: For an average cost of about $110 each, you too can own an anatomically correct Barbie doll, with nipples and vagina. These things are custom made, not mass-produced. It's a lot cheaper than buying a Real Doll, at least.

Actually, they're not quite anatomically correct. As Alliekatt comments: "If those dolls are anatomically correct with boobs that large, they'd be hanging down to their belly buttons. Boob jobs do not qualify for 'anatomical correctness.' Not to mention the fact that a waist that small in direct proportion to hips requires removal of the lower ribs and corset slave training from the age of 12. Oh yeah, and chinese foot binding – Barbie's feet, in proportion, are a girl's size 5. And, one more thing: if a real woman had legs that long, she'd be a post-op transsexual. I've only seen legs like that on RuPaul."