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G vs. E (a.k.a. Good vs. Evil)

This short-lived series had me excited about television again for about 5 weeks. It debuted on the Sci Fi channel where it was quickly cancelled and reappeared later on USA or TNT for a very short time.

It was a hilarious dark comedy, action/adventure story about two dead guys who need to redeem themselves in the afterlife by fighting evil in the form of demonic figures called "Morlocks". If they fail they go to Hell. The show is structured like a buddy cop show.

They have three rules to follow:
#1 - No Sex (sex with a disguised Morlock condemns them to Hell)
#2 - No contact with people from their past life
#3 - no magic powers, no spells, no crystal powers - if you die, you die.

Many of the shows deal with the two main characters breaking or attempting to break or not break the above rules.

Great writing--good acting. A little bit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer--but much funnier and more entertaining.