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It's true: You'll have to turn off the computer and you'll have to get some exercise for a change, but here's a fun hobby that takes only a little bit of money and shoe leather and forces you to get out doors and waste your life in other ways than sifting through Internet porn.

People all over the planet (and presumably glimfaxs on other planets) hide little boxes of treasure all over the place, often out in the wilds, more often within cities. Using hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) devices the coordinates of the treaure is recorded and then a web page is made about it. A web page much like this one (which is mine)

And here's Shy David's Geocache:

Many people place lots of treasures, of course. And many people go to the web site, download information on Geocaches others have placed around areas they plan to vacation in or otherwise visit, then they go "collect" the Geocaches, taking an item from the treasure box, leaving an item, and making a note in the log book that usually accompanies the treasure box.

In this way things original placed in the Geocache gets moved around from place to place, carried by humans and, presumably, glimfaxs.

Some special items called "travel bugs" are tracked on the official Geocache web site. One can place a travelk bug in a Geocache and then over the years watch it and track it as it's moved around the world.

It's fun! It's addictive! It's a wasted life! But it's better than just sitting there.