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Gilpin Family Whisky

The initial concept seems too tasteless to be real – whiskey made from human urine. Closer examination shows that this is actually a bizarre statement about diabetes. As the Web site describes it:

"Sugar heavy urine excreted by diabetic patients is now being utilized for the fermentation of high-end single malt whisky for export. The Whisky market is growing faster then any other alcoholic beverage worldwide. With a prevalent genetic weakness being exposed in the northern hemisphere leading to a sharp rise in type two diabetes, economists have found a new exportable commodity to exploit and are keen to capitalize on this resource quickly."

The page shows photos of the "whisky" allegedly being extracted from actual urine, though there are no photos of anyone actually drinking the stuff. Also, there are no price lists, so it doesn't seem as though they're selling this stuff. Ergo, it's an artistic statement.