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Global Orgasm

This group of peace activists is working to combine politics, sex, and New Age "global conciousness" all together in one happy place. They're organizing a series of global "Orgasm For Peace" events to take place yearly, beginning on December 22, 2006. The idea is that if everyone in the world has an orgasm at the same time, on the same day, then the Earth's "energy field" will be affected to the point where "global consciousness" itself will change. Voila! No more war, only peace on earth!

Either that, or it's a pretty good excuse to get your rocks off on December 22nd (which happens to be the Solstice). What's more, this Global Orgasm project will take place each year until 2012, "when the calendar ends."

Don't forget to check out their video promoting the orgasm campaign, with folksy hippie music playing in the background.