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Google Earth Jamming

Google Earth[1] is a free application that allows you to view the Earth as one big photographic atlas.

Not only that, but with the addition of a Network Link[2] (look for the URL of the makeXML.cfm file), you can have Google Earth show you thumbnails of all the Flickr[3] photos that relate to the location you are looking at.

Well, with all of that in mind, I thought: "This needs a Subgenius spin on it". As I already have a Flickr[4] account, I decided to add some of the necessary Geoblogger[5] tags to a few of my pictures. As you can see from my Flickr account, it's only a start, but the intent is clear. When people are surfing Google Earth with the Flickr feature added, they will see my work posted in odd parts of the world. For example, a visit to the Vatican City[6] will reveal a portrait of Pope Perro.