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Google Watch

Daniel Brandt, the founder and maintainer of this site, is ticked off at Google because his own Web site ( didn't get a high ranking on Google's search engine. Convinced that it was a conspiracy to suppress his valuable service, he began the Google Watch site in an attempt to dig up as much dirt, trash, nasty rumors, and (possible) slander on Google as possible. Since Google has become such a juggernaut in the world of the Internet, media reporters love juicy gossip and dirt on Google. As a result, Google Watch is thriving, far more so than Brandt's original site ever did.

Recently, someone started a Wikipedia article dedicated to Brandt, entitled simply "Daniel Brandt." This caused Mr. Brandt to fly off the handle and rant and rave about his "privacy" being violated, and as a result he began a sister site entitled Wikipedia Watch to dig up dirt on Wikipedia. The users at Wikipedia deleted his article, not because of his complaints but because the article was "non-notable." In other words, Brandt's status as a kook isn't enough to earn him a place there at Wikipedia. (See our page entitled Wikipedia Sucks for more information about Brandt's war against Wikipedia.)

In the manner of all good kooks, Mr. Brandt has his own cadre of fans. Check out the Google-Watch Watch site, where you can find as much dirt on Brandt as he's finding on Google.