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Gunsmith Cats

A pretty hilarious anime by Kenichi Sonoda, creator of Bubblegum Crisis, that takes place in this imaginary USA where everything is dark and with guns and everything, and the payoff is really, really hilarious. About how they live in the most dangerous country on earth, but it's worth it because they totally get to play with guns and cars. (The creator is a hardcore gun and car fetishist; there's bonus footage on the DVD and/or one of the VHS things where he's basically all… wanting to have sex with the gun that he's firing and such for "research" on the series. Since all the cars and guns are accurately modelled, as far as I know. But it's just really hilarious, his expression through the entire thing. He doesn't just get into guns or find them interesting, he all, like, wants to do them or something.)

Anyway, it's pretty hilarious. Defintely worth a rental; maybe not a purchase, unless you can find it for cheap. But it IS fun to play for people. And the intro sequence is awesome.