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Hal Turner

Wow, a stupid racist bigoted idiot who actually figured out how to manage his own podcast! Well, actually he started it after he quit his own shortwave radio show because…ahem…the station was run by Jews. (Those danged Jews are everywhere!) As his site proclaims: "Live from metropolitan New York City every Wednesday evening from 9:00-11:00 eastern US time, Hal Turner brings American talk-radio to countries around the world!" Yes, people around the world get to hear blatherings about Jews, immigrants, Israel, politics, the Holocaust, and (again) Jews.

(By the way, he's endorsed Ron Paul for President of the United States. Go figure.)

However, even the white supremacist sites like the Vanguard News Network got tired of Turner's ego (he spent most of his time there starting message threads about himself). While Turner may have a big mouth, this hasn't translated into popularity among the racist crowds. In 2005, Turner worked with the National Vanguard to organize a so-called "rally against violence" in New Jersey (do I even have to point out the irony here?), and the numbers that gathered there came to about 50 "pro-white" demonstrators…and 100 counter-protesters who tried to shout them down.

…and then there was the "internet war" between Mr. Turner and 420chan! In December of 2006, the chansters went all-out and made his personal information public online, including his home phone number – which was barraged by crank calls by pimply teenagers. Turner succumbed to their demands and took down his Web site for Christmas day. He then struck back by filing lawsuits against 420chan and a whole bunch of "John Does" for the emotional distress and suffering he received. He sent an email to his listeners saying:

"So serious were these attacks, that on January 19, 2007, I filed a federal lawsuit against a number of web sites for their roles in organizing these attacks. That lawsuit is still pending, but will take years to process. The suit cost $350 to file and will costs thousands more over time to serve Subpoenas to uncover the identities of the attackers. So far, the suit has uncovered a very wealthy Zionist Jew, [name deleted] as being heavily involved in promoting and perhaps even organizing the attacks upon my site through his web site Another scummy jew-type named [name deleted] was also heavily involved in organizing and personally carrying-out some of the attacks. He allegedly works at a local STAPLES store in Halifax."

What a shocker! 420chan is run by JEWS! And when you drop by Hal's site and listen to his ravings, you'll be amazed at how many JEWS there are running things!

But that's not all. Because those terrorist Jew-controlled chan hackers are moving too fast for the law to catch up with them, Hal is also taking them on their own turf and fighting cyber-warfare with cyber-warfare! Hal is organizing his own Cyber Militia to go after those pesky hackers. Just go to the Aryan Cyber Militia page and see for yourself. In a move that proves he absolutely was not scared out of his wits by the chan attacks, he is offering CD-ROMs of software that allow you to (supposedly) cloak your identity and your IP address on the Internet, while simultaneously launching your own attacks against your cyber-enemies.

"If you want the CYBER-ACTIVIST CD, please mail $20 cash, check or money order to:

Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

"Make certain you include a note that the money is for the 'CYBER CD.' Include an e-mail address so we can coordinate our efforts once our Cyber Militia gets equipped!"