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Hass John II

Hass John II (???-???) ruled Baseballia in a brief period of cultural reinassiance (by Baseballian standards). Although continuing his father's policies of mass executions and torture, he stands out for his love of music.

Hass II is sometimes refeered to as "The Singing Despot" as he organized concerts daily. His love for singing led to his construction of many grand halls for Baseballians for the first time to hear music. He built a small army of Baseballian children to serve as his choir and invested the entire economy into his Yellow Programme which changed the makeup of society - and possibly led to the Mud Revolt.

Hass John II, who by puberty has sung nearly 4,000 concerts, began to become depressed that his voice was changing. In probably his 13th year (no one can validate Baseballian records) he began a bloody purge of his choir. After torturing his closest friends, he committed suicide by swallowing a twist of sharp metal.

Hass John II, in a broadcast to the youth of Baseballia..