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The Monkees' feature film, directed by Bob Rafelson and co-written with him and Jack Nicholson. An episodic, surreal film that was much darker in tone and more mature than folks would expect. Features Frank Zappa telling Davy Jones that his music is awfully white, after his song and dance number with Toni Basil. Also has Victor Mature as The Big Victor. Lots of stuff about the pre-fab nature of the band, as well as lots of really absurd, off the wall humor. This film bombed, unfortunately – the few remaining Monkees fans (by the time Head came out, their star had faded, sadly) didn't like it because it wasn't nearly as light and nice and sensical as the TV show, and the folks who would have really liked it wouldn't see it because it was The Monkees.

The trailer was a closeup of a man's head with various words popping up, while a sound collage from the film played. The title was chosen, so, on the off chance it was a hit, the filmmakers' next film could be presented as "From the people who gave you Head…"

The soundtrack LP was covered in silver foil, so it'd reflect the head of whomever was holding the record. It was also a really great album, with some of the Monkees' best songs (the Goffin/King "Porpoise Song", the Nesmith "Circle Sky", "Can You Dig It?", "Long Title - Do I Have To Do This All Over Again", "Ditty Diego/War Chant") and clips from the film interspersed throughout. The Rhino CD reissue adds more bonus tracks and more interstitials – also, the two sound collage radio ads, and a superior version of "Circle Sky" than was on the original album.

The Monkees themselves seem to be split on the movie – half of them love it, the other two hate it. I love it, though. It's something that should be seen by everyone, and the soundtrack should be in everyone's record collection.

And nobody but no body should talk smack about The Monkees ever.