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The HeartWisdom site is special to me in a personal way because the woman now known as Mellissa Seaman the Shamanic Priestess was married to a longtime coworker of mine in her former life. She candidly spells out her life story and Spiritual Awakening on her bio page titled "Mellissa’s Journey: Catholic Lawyer to Shamanic Priestess" at

Mellissa specializes in Profound Shamanic Healing, done either in person or remotely. Her partner Richard Bock is a practitioner of Aquatic Bodywork. They live in a rural town in the wine country of Northern California. They practice at a resort near home and also San Diego, Hawaii, and other uberspirital venues. Mellissa's spirituality is a blend of Apache Indian and Chinese, with a hint of Divine Ravishment (which sounds pretty good to me).

Mellissa's ex-husband Mark is now a working single dad, software developer by day and feeding his mid-life crisis on weekends surfing and playing gigs in an '80s revival band called The Reaganomics. Mellissa (then Laurie) and Mark were a quiet, serious, devout young Catholic couple, and I was very fond of both of them. They've become much more interesting people since Mellissa's transformation. A little weird and possibly confusing for their children, but interesting.

Follow links from the HeartWisdom site to other Shamanic Priestess Web sites. You'll find your journey through High Weirdness to be "easy on the eye" as well as amusing. You can also see Mellissa as "Sacred Woman, Spirit Trance" at

There's no word on whether that $250 remote house clearing includes a Triple Your Money Back guarantee, but there are a few testimonials on the site. Enjoy!

– review by Reverend David Voth