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Helen Ukpabio

Probably the most popular and well-known of Africa's Witch Hunters, Helen Ukpabio is the founder and head of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries based in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. In the manner of most televangelists, Mrs. Ukpabio has made a name for herself – and considerable wealth – by going after Satan and his evil minions and scaring the population into thinking she is a warrior for God. And her chosen target happens to be child witches. Yes, according to Ukpabio and her ministry, the world (or at least Africa) is being overrun by demon-possessed children who must be punished and saved, and the demons driven out of them! After all, who are you going to believe, mighty Mrs. Ukpabio or a crying eight-year-old girl who pleads that she is not a witch? Obviously, Satan is making her say those things!

Helen Ukpabio is a prime example of what maggots these self-proclaimed and so-called "witch hunters" are – greedy, power-hungry, and more than willing to subject someone else to cruel punishment in order to look as though they're doing "the work of the lord." Take a look at the Web site for Ukpabio's Liberty Films, her own low-budget movie production company that has made a name for itself making horror films which reveal the ugly truth about child witches. If you've seen Stephen King's Children of the Corn and come away believing that this is a hard-hitting documentary about demon-possessed children, then you'll be sure to sign up for Miss Ukpabio's following…except that in Mrs. Ukpabio's case, she's making these movies to tell us all the truth about child witches. Check out the listing of Liberty Films, her ministry's film productions, and you'll get to view such revealing testimonies as:

Here's an excerpt from End of the Wicked by Liberty Films: [1]

The front page carries a banner ad proclaiming Miss Ukpabio "Defeating Witchcraft Powers," and the ministry teaches courses in "Overcoming Witchcrafts." What's more, they even have a special "charity" called Child Rescue International, which declares, "The aim of this mission is to remedy children contaminated with witchcraft by casting out demons of witchcraft out from them, and then monitoring them for a total release."

As always, Ukpabio's Liberty Gospel Church has shown that exploiting local superstitious beliefs is a lucrative market. The organization has grown exponentially throughout Nigeria and West Africa since its foundation, and there are now Liberty Gospel Churches in Cameroon, Rome and South Africa as well as Nigeria.

Despite her courageous crusade against dangerous, bloodthirsty nine-year-old child witches, Helen Upkabio has also followed in the footsteps of many religious leaders by revealing herself to be remarkably thin-skinned and unable to take criticism. She has been engaged in an onging battle against a persistent critic, Leo Igwe, even to the point where her followers have shown up to disrupt his own rally in favor of protecting persecuted children from fraudulent charges of "witchcraft." As shown here:

YouTube: Helen Ukpabio militia invade child rights conference in Calabar, Nigeria

In December of 2009, she sued Igwe and local government there, claiming that this rally against persecution of children of witches violated her "religious freedom," despite the fact that her own followers interrupted the rally. She is asking for $200 billion ($800,000 USA) in damages…which means that if she succeeds, she will have shown that the legal system can be used to shut up anyone who says anything bad against you.

Leo Igwe's own blog can be found here:

In July of 2010, Ukpabio's followers set up a new Web site especially to slander her Internet critics: Atheism and the Child Witch Scam. According to this site, everyone who has ever said anything bad about Miss Ukpabio are actually athiests. (Funny, Scientology does the same thing with its Religious Freedom Watch site…)

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Richard Bartholomew at Bartholomew's Notes on Religion has had a run-in with Miss Ukpabio's followers. After he wrote a blog post on the Channel 4 documentary, he began getting angry emails declaring he might be a witch himself because he dares to defend those evil "child witches." He's even has his own hate rant from the "Atheism" slander page…except that he's not an atheist.