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Hell Comes to Frogtown

jj says:

Next time somebody says "What in Sam Hell?" you'll know who they're talking about.

It's after the horrible nuclear wars. The human race is dying out. You've heard this one a million times, right? Well, this time around it's a young-looking Roddy Piper as the lone wanderer who is snagged by The Powers That Will Be because he's one of the few fertile males left. The all-girl Medtech company puts a remote-controlled chastity belt on him that'll blow up if he wanders off (yeah, just like in Deadlock, only lower.)

Together, Piper/Hell and his minders drive off in a bright pink bread truck (tho one shot of the dashboard is of the pushbutton transmission of a 1963 Plymouth Fury! I know, 'cuz I've owned two of those) to Frogtown, where the frog-like humanoids have a bunch of fertile wenches held captive. Hilarity and castration-with-chainsaw anxiety ensue!

1988, and there are evidently 2 sequels