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Hoot Island


The number of so-called "adult-oriented" Web pages out there is stunning…but what's the point of two million porn sites when they're all the same? Nekkid pictures, nekkid pictures, nekkid pictures, come-on-and-whack-off-to-me models who stand in obviously fake positions with a "come-hither" look on their face that lets you know they're bored out of their minds. Porn is so stupefyingly boring that it's always refreshing to see something new added to the mix…which is where Hoot Island comes in. "Wyyrd," the caretaker of this site, has come up with an astoundingly original concept in his Web site presentation: SEX IS FUN! He goes out of his way to give us pictures of women who are laughing, having a great time, and actually enjoying themselves…as well as a collection of some of the most outrageous sex-oriented links on the Net, with an emphasis on humor and art. (He's got a number of good furry links, too!) So if you've seen your ten thousandth faked orgasm picture, take a look here and remember what it's like to have fun with sex.