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Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup

1 1/2 lbs. of frozen or fresh pitted sour cherries.
1 tsp. grated lemon peel
1 tsp. of lemon juice
5 oz. powdered sugar
4-5 cloves
cinnamon to taste
corn starch or flour slurry for thickening
salt optional
cold half and half or cream added at the table

Add the cherries to 1 quart of cold water in a pot, add salt, lemon peel, lemon juice, powdered sugar, cinnamon and the cloves. Bring to boil for a few minutes.

Allow to cool a little and remove cloves.

Slowly mix in the corn starch or flour to thicken.

Chill in the fridge prior to serving.

Serve with chilled heavy cream or half n half in a gravy boat at the table. This is nice because you can control how rich your soup is.

*There are richer versions of this where sour cream and one egg yolk are stirred into the soup during the thickening stage while it's still warm.*