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The Internet Relay Chat may well be the wildest and most uncontrolled area of the entire Net, because everything there happens instantly. It's the "live chat" area of the Net, and there are thousands of users there at any given time of the day or night. You need a proper IRC "client" to get onto IRC, such as mIRC , but the real tricky part about connecting can be finding a server that isn't overloaded, or one that hasn't banned you from connecting there. These links should aid you in your search for a reliable gateway to IRC.

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IRC is the oldest and most popular chat system on the Internet (though recently it's been eclipsed by Instant messenger services). It's also the least secure, as it's vulnerable to hacking attacks, hijacking, and firewall blocks. If you like to chat from work, it can be easy for your employer to cut off your IRC access. In addition, your IRC chats may be logged and possibly used against you at some time in the future. If you're concerned about security on IRC, you may want to look into a Secure IRC connection to protect yourself.

Many applications have been developed to make IRC more secure…and more interesting. Because mIRC is so popular, most IRC apps are compatible with this software. Try a few of them out and see how you like them.

See also: ByteCam – the free webcam app for mIRC