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I Murdered Mommy

Rev. Syung Myung Me: A cast-off from the collapse of the CD-Rom Game. The Residents were working on their new game when the industry collapsed, and after 10 years (after teasing it in the liners to Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses and including a small excerpt on Dot.Com), they finally released the remains on Ralph America, a booklet made up of the material they were going to use to pitch it and a CD of stuff intended for the soundtrack. The CD is pretty good, but the main draw for me is the book. It's too bad they didn't get this made – it sounded like it would have been one of the most intriguing games ever. (Assuming it didn't end up being over-extended and going the Adventures of the Smart Patrol route.) I think this is still available, actually, but it's mainly for either Residents fans or fans of innovative video game design (or, both, which is good, as I'd assume there's a decent sized crossover among those two demographics).