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I Wonder What She's Doin' Tonight

One of the finest 1960s pop singles ever. Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart were a great songwriting team who had a load of hits; they wrote for (and later performed with half of) The Monkees; say what you will about The Monkees, but they had really great songs for them. (And I like The Monkees, so only say what you will if what you will is along the lines of "Yes, they were quite underrated! People place too much importance on the manufactured aspect of the band! They may have been manufactured, but at least it was by people who knew how to manufacture!") Anyway, though, this is the only hit that Boyce & Hart had by themselves – all their other hits were performed by others. Fun fact: They also wrote the theme song to Days of Our Lives! The Young Fresh Fellows covered this on Because We Hate You and did a great job of it. Despite it getting occasional airplay on Oldies Radio, it seems that most people I talk to haven't ever heard this song. This should be remedied.