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Icky Flix

Rev. Syung Myung Me: ESSENTIAL. The Residents' video work is typically amazing (particularly their earlier, live-action stuff), especially since they were all amateurs at it and taught themselves. And hey, this has a bunch of stuff that's on display at MoMA. And, since the Residents don't like to just release old stuff, they re-recorded an alternate 5.1 soundtrack of different versions of all the songs (of course, the originals are also available), and loaded it down with Easter Eggs. A CD was released of some of the new versions of the songs, as well – that's cool, but less essential. The DVD, however, is a MUST HAVE. This is an updating of sorts of 20 Twisted Questions, but this is worth getting even if you already have that release – even if you don't like the new audio versions, the picture's remastered and much, much clearer. (I couldn't tell that was a nail in the "Hello Skinny" video on the LD version.)