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Illuminati Brainwash

Another expansion to Steve Jackson Games' Illuminati. This one adds a board and tokens – the idea with this one is that instead of attacking to control/etc. groups, you can also choose to make an attack to make the world more in the direction of a given attribute (i.e. Weird, Violent, Etc.) via brainwashing; you can also make attacks to brainwash certain groups to change their alignments. I need to play with this a bit more, but it strikes me as not a really essential expansion – more something to play with when you want to play regular Illuminati but are getting a little sick of it and want to change it up a bit. (If you're at a game store and are torn between the two expansions, get Illuminati Y2K instead – that one actually is essential.) The one neat thing about Brainwash, though is that it allows you to modify the Supreme Court card to change it from Liberal to Conservative, more in line with the current Supreme Court lineup. (Unfortunately, some of the cards are a little dated in this aspect, but, hey, that's what house-rules are for. And, it doesn't take away from the fun-ness of it. Unless you're, like, some kind of nazi or something. You're not a nazi, are you? Huh?!)