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Illuminati Y2K

The expansion for the original version of Illuminati by Steve Jackson Games. It adds a whole mess of groups and cards, and a couple new Illuminatis, including The Church of the SubGenius (which is actually pretty fun to play as, since its special power is that for each group knocked off its power structure, you get 10 megabucks). The new cards tend to skew alignments a little bit, but it's usually pretty good, really. Check it out! (The other expansion that's available now – Illuminati Brainwash – isn't quite as fun, I've found, though; makes it a bit too complex, I think. Between that, Y2K and the currently available "Deluxe Illuminati" set, I think all of the original expansions from the 1980s are back in print/incorporated into the game. At least, most of them are, I think. Steve Jackson Games' website probably has a list of the details and whatnot if you're so inclined.