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Infomercial Scams

TV infomercials are coming at us faster than the Government can keep track of them…and scams and rip-offs aplenty can be found in them. It's estimated that there are about 700 new infomercials per year, while the FTC only prosecutes about five of them each year. gives people a place to come and gripe about the rip-offs, cheats, lies, false promises, and outright frauds and hoaxes that peddle their wares to us on late-night and weekend TV, thirty minutes at a time.

Real estate scams, bogus weight loss and exercise gimmicks, Kevin Trudeau and his Natural Cures, marketing and advertising rip-offs, and spammers and "sexual" products…they're all here, and people are telling the world what it's really like to do business with all of these scumbags. Some of the tales of horror here must be read to be believed!

And what a surprise – this site has ticked off some infomercial hucksters to the point where they're getting sued! You just knew that was going to happen, unfortunately. In the age of the Internet, you're nobody until you actually get a legal threat. (I've gotten a couple myself.)