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Inland Empire

In one short sentence, I think David Lynch IS LOSING IT.

This thing is almost three hours running and it is in no way as entertaining as Eraserhead or his latterday masturbiece, Mulholland Drive.

OK, so it's got Laura Dern in it, and she's hot but GETTING OLD YOU KNOW…it's been twenty some years since Blue Velvet, and it shows. Oh, and Harry Dean Stanton, who (as Stang noted to me when I told him of this flick) is STILL ALIVE, but barely.

The basic plot is about this screen couple who are actors in a murder mystery film, Laura Dern and Justin Theroux. Only, Laura begins to believe the film she is acting in is HER REAL LIFE.

Then half the action takes place in Poland, and from there it just plain gets WEIRD.

Generally David Lynch pulls these surprising scenarios where I find myself, alone, getting up and applauding like crazy (say like the midget dancing bit from Twin Peaks). I can usually count on five or six of them per film.

Howevar this one only had me up and clapping just THREE times. Twice for the rabbit family (three actors with brown rabbit heads sitting around a parlor…one lady rabbit in the background ironing clothes. Laff track curiously inserted at completely irrelevant dialogue points.). A third time for a scene in which about a dozen sleazy hookers do a line dance to C'mon and Do the Locomotion With Me(!!!) which is almost worth sitting through the
rest of the movie.

OK, so maybe one more time for the ending. Laura Dern dies and then gets right back up (or does she) because she's just an ACTOR in the scene (or is she). No, I did NOT give anything away here, for Bobsakes, it's THREE HOURS LONG and totally non-linear, like Memento on airplane glue. As there is no real plot, there's no ending to spoil because, well, there's just no plot.

Then I saw it was produced jointly by Dern and Lynch. Put their own money into this doggie, and then sold it to some fucking French TV channel.

So now he's stooping to VANITY PRODUCTIONS. Shame on you David, you are just getting OLD.

Review by iDRMRSR