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Institute for Historical Review

The largest (relatively speaking) and most well-known Holocaust denial (excuse me..."revisionist") group, founded in 1979. And they've been struggling to bring their message to the world ever since. They have their own small press called Noontide Press, which attempts to keep the revisionist movement alive by re-printing such garbage can lining screeds as Did Six Million Really Die?. These guys are still smarting from the financial hit they received when they published an offer of a "$50,000 reward" for proof that gas chambers were used to kill Jews in Asuchwitz. When proof was given to them by an Auschwitz survivor, they promptly ignored it. And they were sued as a result, which ended up with a judgement of $90,000 against them. These days, representatives of the IHR have been seen in the Middle East, sucking up to rabid Muslim anti-Israel extremists...thus proving that there are few depths to which the "revisionists" will not sink when it comes to making their sacred cause known.

"Greg Raven is a pathetic Holocaust denier, and has collected lots of pamphets from The Institute For Historical Review (which, in reality is not an Institute -- it exists in some guy's basement!), an organization that is only interested in revising (not reviewing) the history surrounding Nazi death camps in World War 2. They deny that Nazis ever exterminated Jews in World War 2, and that all films, documents, and the death camps themselves are all part of a great coverup. What's even more amazing is that almost all of the people involved with the institute are known Nazis and former Nazis, but they don't want you to know that..." --Psycho Dave

There are individuals who actively debunk the Holocaust Deniers out there, and among the most fearless is Mr. Michael Shermer of the Skeptics Society. Indeed, Mr. Shemer has published a book titled, "Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Didn't Happen and Why Do They Say It?" (Michael Shermer & Alex Grobman. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000. Hardcover. 312 pages. Bibliography. Index.) The Deniers at the IHR, of course, have covered Mr. Shermer's book at -- though don't expect their review to be any more accurate than their notion of the history of their pal Adolf Hitler.

To get an idea on what constitutes science, logic, and reason among Holocaust Deniers, here's an extract from the IHR's book review of Mr. Shermer's work when discussing the scientific methodology of evaluating the convergence of evidence:

"In the same way, an old woman in the seventeenth Century could have been shown to have gamboled in a midnight glade with Satan -- and then been burned at the stake, so long as a broom and a cat were produced."

This is the typical mentality of a Holocaust Denier: All evidence for the Holocaust can be ignored since other evidence is lacking. In their example of the Witch, if evidence was also provided that showed the existance of Satan, and if evidence was also provided that showed Satan and the suspected Witch's foot prints in the "midnight glade," the burning at the stake would then become justified.

Ultimately, with some 6 million dead Jews, some 40 million dead Germans and Russians, and some 15 to 30 million additional dead due to Nazi Germany, unless there's a death certificate signed by the victim explaining how he was gased to death by Nazi Germany, no evidence that the Holocaust happened is acceptable.