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Institute for Parallel Studies

In 2002, I wrote: "If there's one mysterious name in the annals of the Church of the SubGenius that I've been wanting to know more about, it would be the name of Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger. All I know about this guy is that he apparently lived here in Massachusetts at one time, he's created collage art and original artwork that rivals the best stars in the Church, and he's supposed to be as kooky as many of us (or even more so)."

In 2004, Fishmonger replied: "My supposed "death" took place in a shoot out with the Canadian border patrol, but I have actually been in the Federal Witness Protection Program for the last ten years. I am listed under the name "Herman Blount" in the Cornwall, Minnesota telephone directory even though I have never lived there or used that name. Send me your pretty daughters and have them bring beer."

Fishmonger is an AMAZING artist, and his Web site barely scratches the surface of his talents. Contact him directly for paper samples: you won't regret it.