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Irrepressible Info

Since the advent of the Internet, censorship has become a major issue online. After all, if you have a single document that could cause trouble for the goverment of Singapore (for instance), all you have to do is put it onto a blog and it is instantly available for viewing by people worldwide…that is, until the government strikes back by forcing your blog host, Web host, or ISP to shut you down. A number of corporations (and some governments) are using "copyright" as an excuse to take down Internet postings they don't like.

Amnesty International has been on the forefront of the battle against censorship, because censorship is one of the main weapons used by tyrannies and oppressive groups and governments to suppress their critics and foes. In an in-your-face move that deliberately thumbs its nose at those groups who use "copyright'" to shut down information online, AI has founded the Irrepressible Info campaign and invited everyone to take part in it. The idea is simple: on your Web site, host a tiny fragment from a banned document. This way you can't get in trouble for "copyright violation" (though some of the more idiotic groups out there might try to take you down, anyway). You can put a Javascript link on your page that links to the Irrepressible Info page: when your visitor clicks on the link, he can view the entire document at Amnesty International's site.