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Islamic Creationism

Here's some proof that religious idiocy isn't confined to one religion (Christianity or otherwise). Creationism is also popular in Islam, where the Genesis account of creation is considered to be a "corrupted" version of God's message. In a manner similar to the creationism movement in the United States, much of Islamic creationism isn't really the promotion of a "true" theory of human creation, as much as it is used to criticize and attack evolution.

The Web site of creationist Harun Yahya shows that the idiocy of Islamic creationism matches that of Christian creationism. Right on the front page we get a little video comparing Charles Darwin to Josepf Stalin, along with such statements as "99% of all the fossils on Earth has [sic] been discovered," and "they all prove the invalidity of evolution." He's more interested in attacking Darwin – and atheism, too – as well as introducing us to the miracles of the Quran and its connections to genuine scientific archaeology. (At least he denounces terrorism and anti-Semitism.) Harun Yahya also hosts a number of scientific, Islamic, and anti-Freemason (!) Web sites as well.