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The remixed version of Jam by Chris Morris. The content was the same as the original series, although some of the sketches had different video effects on them – but, unfortunately, not all. Usually, they didn't work as well – some of the Jaaaaam versions were early, failed experiments of Jam effects (for example, one sketch was originally videotaped from a monitor's playback, with various zoom-ins on the screen – this was intended for Jam, but ultimately rejected and used for Jaaaaam), though there's the occasional sketch that was more successful with the Jaaaaam effect – my favorite is the last sketch of Episode 1, with the doctor refusing to feel the patient's sore leg in favor of his own – the Jaaaaam effect is a delay on the audio while the video is slowed and ghosts itself, giving it an incredibly cool and vaguely eerie dreamlike effect, while the original version is shot relatively straight-forwardly, perhaps slightly slowed down. Unfortunately, though, about half of the sketches aired as they were on Jam, and other effects were rather bland (lots of posterization, some negative effects). This is available on the second DVD of the Jam DVD set; it's worth having, I suppose, only so people don't go crazy trying to track it down, because it's not really worth it.

Jaaaaam is a perfect example of something much cooler on paper than actually in practice. A missed opportunity.

Episode 5 never aired, due to arguements between Morris and Channel 4; the Jam episode had been edited, and Morris wanted the removed material back in for Jaaaaam and delivered the episode as such. Channel 4 refused to run it as such, and aired the 6th episode of Jaaaaam in its place, and the edited Episode 5 of Jam the following week. The lost, fifth Jaaaaam is available on the DVD, along with the full version of the corresponding Jam episode.