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Jack Kirby

Any mention of comic books can't be complete without a homage to Jack "King" Kirby. Kirby's fantastic career in comics stretched from the 1940s through the 1980s, and his creations and styles have influenced the medium as a whole, forever standing as a foundation of the medium of graphic arts. Kirby's powerful artwork is an influence to many of the most famous comic book artists, and he developed the concept of "superhero" comic books as a form of modern-day mythology. His characters weren't just idiots in skintight costumes beating the crap out of each other; they were a new form of mythology that easily take their place alongside the classic myths of old. Kirby's fans include such giants as Mark Evanier and Frank Miller, and Kirby's simple but powerful artwork is the basis of this zine, The Jack Kirby Collector. The creators of this zine have devoted each issue to the many different facets of Kirby's life, career, and creations, and each issue sheds new light on the King of Comic Books.