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The TV version of Blue Jam by Chris Morris. Aside from a few bits, almost all the sketches were adapted from the radio series. Also, this was only a half-hour long, rather than the full hour of the radio series – mainly because there wasn't any music between the skeches, though each sketch did have a musical bed just like in the radio show. This is my favorite version of it – some of the sketches need the visual aspect to work better, and the variety of visual effects keeps things interesting and dream-like. This, like Brass Eye and The Day Today is available on DVD, packaged with the remixed Jaaaaam.

Recommended sketches from Jam include the woman who requests a plumber fix her dead baby by running hot water pipes through it, or "TV Lizards" (also available on the Blue Jam best-of CD), where a TV repairman brutally mocks a couple who've called because their television is pouring out lizards into their living room. Like it's big brother, Jam also had a cut sketch; episode 5 had been trimmed by Channel 4. A disagreement over this lead to the fifth episode of Jaaaaam not airing, because Morris insisted the cut material be reinstated. The complete versions of both versions of Episode 5 are available on the DVD release.

An episode guide, including a list of the music used as backing tracks.