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Jeju Loveland

Oh, those wacky Koreans! As in many areas of the world, sex is a taboo subject in the Korean peninsula…and sexual suppression is so prevalent that some couples don't even know how to do the nasty. That's why this open-air park was founded. In order to bring sex education into the 21st century – and give artists the opportunity to construct "artistic" erotic sculptures that would make Grandma blush – this open-air park has been in operation since 2002. Since then, it has collected and constructed an impressive collection of what is probably the greatest number of blatantly erotic statues gathered in a single place, in the entire world.

The main Web site states: ""In 2002, 20 artists, graduates of Hongik University in Seoul, began creating the sculptures at Jeju Loveland. On November 16, 2004, Jeju Loveland, the only park of its kind in Korea, opened. It showcases the 140 works of art created by the artists. The exhibition halls are constructed from glass and resemble traditional Korea domes. Each month exhibitions, showcasing the artistic styles of different Korean artists, are held in the exhibition halls. Planning for future exhibitions is constantly underway by the professional staff of Jeju Loveland."

The statuary varies in presentation from "artistic" and suggestive, to blatantly pornographic, to outright hilarious. This photo gallery of some of the statues at Jeju is not to be missed. Where else can you find a series of sculptures showing a woman stuffing a tiny dog into the front of her bikini bottom?

But, hey – it's art!