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Jesus Is Savior

You'd think that this much stupidity, this much nuttiness, and this much entertainment could only be a spoof or troll site, right? This site claims to have been founded in 2002, and evidently the guys who manage it have spent the every waking moment in the following years throwing every possible religious nutjob "hate thy neighbor for Christ" off-the-deep-end conspiracy theory togther into this one site. Name your insanity - it's all here! Satanism in the Vatican! Abortion - the American Holocaust! Roman Catholicism - the False Christianity! (This one is apparently based on the idea that Roman Catholics hold the Virgin Mary as one of the icons of their faith. Therefore, Mary is obviously a pagan goddess!) The New P.I.V. Bible! And on, and on, and on…far too much work has gone into this site to classify it as a mere Landover Baptist-style satire.

It just goes on and on and on…with nary a sign of intelligence or original brainpower in sight. I mean, how much thought and deduction does it take for a closed-minded, laughable religious fanatic like this to determine that Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, and Amy Grant are evil…wait a minute. Amy Grant?!? Yep, see it for yourself - you won't believe it otherwise.