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More and more these days, you're getting spam that hawks credit card rip-off schemes and so-called "free" webcam chat sites that actually charge your credit card a lot more than a subscription to Hustler magazine. Well, Jmeeting really is what it promises to be: a free Java-based webcam chat site, with thousands of users and many, many webcams! I've gotten quite addicted to it myself, though I try to keep a low profile there (being a married man myself). The chat rooms are actually run on an IRC chat server, so they're reliable and they don't have hidden backdoors. About 85% of the chats on Jmeeting consist of guys trying to convince the girls there to take their shirts off on webcam. And the guys there are not discriminating at all: if someone weighing 450 pounds takes off her shirt on cam, there will still be 15 guys there typing "Mmmmmmmmm!" and "Way to go!" and "More! More! More!" (Though in fact, quite a few of the people at Jmeeting are quite lovely on cam – because they're real people just like you and me.) Now, is this a bad thing? Hell, no! If nothing else, it's great to see REAL WOMEN flashing their tits in public like this. It's a lot more exciting than watching porn, because the women here look like REAL WOMEN. In fact, that's what they are.

You can connect to with mIRC or other IRC clients – however, after an attack on their server in late 2005, Jmeeting switched their chat to a Secure IRC connection; regular IRC will not connect to it. If you've installed a secure IRC client, you can connect to jmeeting at port 8068 (though you can't connect to the webcams if you connect that way). The users at the Jmeeting channel #webwatching have also put together a hacked version of mIRC that will connect automatically to Jmeeting. You can download it at this download site.

Some Jmeeting chat rooms have become so popular they've spawned their own Web-based virtual communities. The biggest and most popular of these is Club Pornotopia, and it's even easier to see why: this is a site where many of the sexiest women at the Jmeeting channel #pornotopia post naked pictures of themselves and let their fans drool over them.

Also of note is Nekkid Radio, a Web-based radio broadcast with its own channel on Jmeeting. These guys are smart enough to let naked webcam women promote their station (especially the Jmeeting user "Roxy" ), so naturally they've developed a large following with many listeners. Too bad most of the songs they play aren't very daring or away from the mainstream; most of their playlist consists of songs you've heard a gazillion times on Conspiracy radio.